Healers Class – Empowered self awareness


The Healers Class inspires Empowered self awareness! Newly added, one on one class!
Open to all healers, intuitive and sensitive people wanting a deeper understanding of themselves,  from cosmic to physical form. The intention of this class is to expand the energetic, intuitive and biological view of the spirit based body we live in, complimenting all disciplines of healing therapies and individualized personal application.
What you will receive in this class;
*A visual manual
*We will explore Energy/Information, anatomy, biology and intuition, a holographic view.
*We will discuss discernment in energetic reading for ourselves and others.
*You will learn practical exercises and tools and have hands on experience for both personal and professional application.
Dates and location to TBD – Requests can be made for a group of 5 at the Ridgefield location- Don’t want to wait for a group? I am happy to announce your curated one on one ¬†class! please contact me for reservations.