Testimonials and Personal Stories

Sarah can fix anything!!! I suffer from scoliosis and sometimes the teachings of yoga, gyrotonic or spinning cannot help the pain I am experiencing. You don’t have to even tell Sarah what’s wrong when you hop on the massage table. She instinctively knows. She has one of those rare talents. She can see where the pain is emanating from and fixes it. I have been so lucky to find her and she is always so kind, caring and accessible. Sometimes in life, we are lucky to cross paths with someone who is a true healer. Thank you so much Sarah for always being there for me!!! Carol Stevens

Carol Bloom Stevens, NY



“I have been working with Sarah for 6 months and it has been one of the best tools I have found to heal from chronic pelvic and back injury/pain, along with an auto immune disorder. I have been treated at the Hospital for special surgery, one of the top orthopedic hospitals in the world. I have been to chiropractors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths and main stream physicians. The most effective treatment I have received is from Sarah’s session style, applications, approach and suggestions. I do not always understand what she does, but I feel the results! Sarah is also very helpful in encouraging self help tips to help oneself rather than trying to keep clients reliant on her services. For me, Sarah’s  treatments have been a game changer after a decade of searching!”

Hope S,  NY


“I have known Sarah for over thirty years and have followed her on her learning journey. She is a very knowledgeable, loving spirit who has brought me through some very tough times over the years. She has an essence about her that is loving, supportive and sincere. She consistently keeps learning and expanding her craft so she can help others. She exudes such excitement and energy when she speaks about her craft. You can feel her healing powers with her touch. Her thirst for knowledge amazes me and she shares her findings with you. She is consistent and persistent in learning as much as she can to help and heal each person she comes into contact with. She is a remarkable person and an extraordinary clinician.”

Loretta Bossio,Ridgefield, CT


“Sarah has the healing physical and spiritual touches.  I’ve relied on her often over the years to alleviate any number of physical pain associated with a chronic knee injury.  This problem has also been the source of spiritual uncertainty.  Sarah’s advice and positive affirmations have helped lighten my soul tremendously.  Her healing sessions brim with wisdom and guidance that help me live a daily-healing life path.  I’ve seen medical doctors, acupuncturists, and hypnotists, yet none comes close to providing the all-inclusive, mind, body, and spirit Holistic healing that Sarah offers me with her inspiring treatments.”

              Kelly L. Goodridge, Newtown, CT

“Sarah Rotella is a supportive, wise and exceptionally gifted medical intuitive. She brings insight and healing to a wide range of situations – physical and mental health, relationships and many other aspects of life.”

Danielle Cervi, Greenwich CT


“Sarah  Rotella is one of those uniquely and beautifully gifted human beings who can reach simultaneously both the outer realms of spirit and onto the grounded plains of earth, offering her myriad of gifts to those seeking healing. Her gentleness, compassion, and sensitivity immediately create a safe and warm environment for clients. The breadth of Sarah’s knowledge is stunning, basically covering areas from physics and metaphysics to the intricacies of the anatomical structures of the brain and nervous system. She seems to be able to synthesize and offer her vast experience for the highest and best intentional healing of her clients and I think that anyone who comes into contact with Sarah, whether a client,  friend or a new acquaintance can feel the pure loving energy that surrounds Sarah. I highly recommend her as part of your healing journey.”
Amy Gordon, M.S., R.D.
” I met Sarah a few years ago at a distinguished Spa in Connecticut,  The physical experience alone was tremendous, but what was unanticipated was Sarah’s extraordinary energy. I recently returned to this Spa with the sole intention of working with Sarah again. Although she was no longer there, I was fortunate to be reconnected with her. I’ve come to experience Sarah not only as a phenomenal practitioner but also a Wise Sage whose guidance is invaluable.  She is passionately dedicated to her craft and authentically interested in the health and wellbeing of her clients. Her intuition and sensitivity, and her ability to hold the space for whatever is, is remarkable. Sarah is a uniquely talented healer.”
Rhonda Spevak
Westchester, NY
Giving Thanks
 I received several forms of treatment from Sarah. My visits were twice a week to adress a specific condition. The sessions encompassed support for my mind, body and spirit. Sarah is a divine being and used her complete knowing of self to support me with comfort and enlightenment. She provided written references for my review  that aligned with my understanding. We took time to discuss any discomfort I may have experienced in the past or present. Sarah showed me supportive yoga poses and movement to create better circulation and lymph flow. I came to Sarah initially for her Lymphatic specialties and she connected with what was needed to unblock and encourage the appropriate energy flow. I am grateful to the universe for allowing her to enter my life and appreciate all she has done to support me in my eternal journey. Thank you Sarah and God Bless
Evelyn Diann Cook