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Energy –resonance-consciousness

We are energy before we are matter. Cutting edge quantum physic states that all matter consists of tiny fields of vibrating energy, expanding into frequencies, waves, sound and light. So small that we cannot usual sense them, however we are part of this intelligent field of consciousness interacting, influencing and infinitely connected. Our thoughts are electrical while our emotions are magnetic and every action we choose to take, or not, has a ripple effect. Tuning into our own frequencies to create harmony is of the utmost importance to our own healing and creating resonance in our lives and coherence in the collective consciousness. The more we commit to our self, our essence of a higher truer self, the more we are empowered to create a new reality. This is an alchemical process.


Where do we begin! It is important to connect science and the theories of energy and consciousness, for most to be on board. In my scope of practice as an intuitive Energy healer and certified practitioner of Frequencies, one affirms the other constantly. There are many references that can be applied and these are a few that I have been personally interactive with. One of my Teachers, Dr.Bruno Chikly, an osteopathic physician of the Chikly Health institute, was a part of this article, which demonstrates and affirms newly discovered tissue and the affirmation of electrical activity along with bio photons and regenerative DNA! Peer-reviewed Journal: The Primo Vascular System: A Unique Human Biological System Shifting Medical Paradigm – Prospective Osteopathic Applications for Cranial, Visceral, Lymphatic, and Fascial Techniques, Chikly B, Roberts P, Quaghebeur J, Journal of American Osteopathic Association (JAOA), 2016, Jan. As a lymphatic, cranial sacral, visceral, fascia and brain practitioner I see and feel these structures intuitively underneath my hands while the intelligence of consciousness aligns for the greater good of the individual. Bio photon science states, “Light is life”. It has scientifically been proven that every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 light impulses or photons per second. We are creator light beings. For more information, go to, http://www.biontology.com/research/what-is-biophoton-science/. Another demonstration is the re emergence of frequency technology. Frequency specific microcurrent, resurrected by Dr.Carolyn McMakin, as explained in her recently published book, the Resonance effect, had numerous published papers to prove the efficacy of FSM, such as reduced inflammation, tissue regeneration and increased Adenosine triphosphate, ATP (also known as molecular currency). I was introduced to FSM as part of my own healing journey in 2009, having severe PTSD after a recent car accident, which triggered a major accident back in 1994. I had relief with just one treatment and have been working with it both personally and professionally ever since. I am also a practicum educator for FSM, teaching those who desire to be empowered in taking back their own health or expanding their practice by using FSM at home and in office. There are also Lasers, far and near infrared technology, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology and other light therapies, sound vibration, the power of the word and the list goes on and on. I have had the honor of meeting Dr. James Oschman who supports Dr. Carol McMakin in her work with FSM along with many others that contribute to this field. She is in his second edition of his book, Energy Medicine. Dr. Oschman has devoted his life to proving the scientific basis for energy medicine. Here is a link to watch a brief video that explains this (http://www.energyresearch.us/). Endless articles on consciousness and scientific studies are available at the Resonance Science Foundation, where Physicist Nassim Haramein offers studies for the lay science geeks like myself. Listen to what Nassim has to say “If we can make the mainstream, scientific community understand the theoretical function of [the idea, that we are all one], then we stand the chance, to be able to apply it in the most powerful way to our society and move on to a new level of existence, which I call the galactic society. A society that is no longer confined to the surface of their planet, that has infinite amount of goods, infinite amount of power. A society that lives in abundance instead of scarcity, this is what I visualize when I see our future.” – Nassim Haramein. The truth about sacred geometry and the Alchemical processes have always been with us and the new observation of how we are creating a new reality is at hand. Whether you are currently aware or even believe, these discoveries are being made. I have followed the works of Ken Rohla, a natural health educator and cutting edge researcher, of monoatomic elements, scalar energy and consciousness. I have studied with Paul Stamets in cultivating medicinal mushrooms and bio remediation, where he discusses the mycology of consciousness and how mushrooms can save the world. There is an overwhelming amount of information available to us and it truly begins within. Allowing more time for receiving facilitation, self-care, meditative practices and realizing these technologies are available to us. We can learn how to reset our systems through education, facilitation, utilizing these technologies, acquire energy efficiency through fluid movement creating more space in our bodies, receiving live nutrition and supplementation, along with contemplative/meditative practices. We encounter many insults in toxicity these days both chemically and emotionally and awareness is key to making best choices for our health and soul life. We are empowered to heal and transform our lives while being optimally influential to our communities and the collective.


I am often asked, “How do I do this?” The answer is unique to each individual. In our minds we may know or think we understand how, however many have become accustomed to a certain level of imbalance that is perceived as the norm, a way of life. Taking time to receive facilitation is key. We all need support. When we physically change the physiological patterning we have a new view and actually experience ourselves more aligned. This gives us the opportunity to make different choices, take action and experience a new level of resonance. My own personal and professional journey has brought me to many wonderful approaches that have their roots in energy alchemy. The first time I was left speechless was my first 5day training with Jin Shin Jyutsu, a physio-philosophy that is an art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. Simultaneously I was studying Reiki, aromatherapy and reflexology, from Laura Norman. This was one of the most profound times of my life where the understanding of true alchemy and trusting my intuitive abilities came together and there were words put to the wisdom I had already known. During one of my health challenges I was drawn to study yoga. This deepened my self-realization and deepened my connection to my physical and soul existence understanding how yoga and meditation are energy medicine. Becoming a Thai massage therapist was the next natural progressive step. Thai chi and chi gong are additional self-regulating methods of transfiguring our energetic systems I have studied and have been valued for ages. Core energetics is an approach I came upon during another transition in my life. This approach is a marriage of body psychotherapy and spiritual development and deeply understands that energy and consciousness work together in the healing process. I had been on the practitioner path until I discovered higher brain Living. HBL is a personal development program that utilizes a light touch piezo electric approach to the living matrix along the spine, which minimizes the survival brain reactions and ignites the prefrontal cortex, the creative brain, along with personal mentoring. I was intrigued for my study with Dr. Chikly utilizes a similar technique and if one can heal minimizing the reactive trauma, I needed to learn this. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s approach to meditation is one of the most powerful and dynamic mediation’s for this time in evolution. He artfully guides you to create a new reality, and the results have been measured. As DR. Joe states, “you are greater than your circumstance”. When we combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion you are changing your biology within this elegant moment of presence, one connects to pure consciousness. The spiritual program, Mastering Alchemy, created by Jim Self takes consciousness and the alchemical process to another level that I wholeheartedly resonate with. These are just a few examples of what has been my journey, all of which I bring to my practice to help those who desire to help themselves, for this is my passion!


What do I mean by facilitation? I will share a story of a brave woman who discovered she had breast cancer. She chose to heal naturally by enlisting a holistic physician and myself for lymphatic drainage. Her doctor gave her a regimen, which addressed nutrition, exercise, meditation and supplementation, to name a few. She came to me for Lymphatic and immune system support. My work is integrative so she received more than that. In the beginning this woman, although she believed in her healing, her subconscious programing did not allow her to get past a certain hurdle. We built a relationship in which she gained trust and improvement, however there came a moment that I asked if I could surrogate for her, using Psych K, which is a system that uses the principles of nature(once again, energy medicine) to unlock subconscious beliefs, and Heart centered therapy which addresses the lineage connection in ones energy field, with out reliving the trauma but rather allowing the connection to be healed. Her being was in a weakened state in spite of her knowing. The wisdom of nature allowed this and her physical and psychological improvement was exponential. We released numerous areas of restriction and within 3 months she had achieved the goal she had in enlisting my facilitation. I taught her how to treat herself with self-care techniques. She went on to heal and even create a business around her love of writing, bringing her gifts into the world. The point being we all need assistance with what may be unconscious to us and certainly in the expert application of therapies. In my practice, my participation is to realign the whole being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Releasing emotional/mental trauma is paramount to raising the vibrational frequency for healing. This approach offers an opportunity for raised consciousness, equanimity and an empowered practice.



We cannot speak about energy, frequency, resonance and consciousness with out discussing the Heart. The institute of Heart math has published many studies that show the largest field that has been measured in our human energy system is the field of the heart. I have always said the heart is the true brain and the brain is the way station for information and experiences. The rational mind takes hold of negative thought patterns that are expressed in the body and therefore a level of consciousness that may not serve us well. My interest in the brain there in lays the rebooting chronic survival reactivity and igniting the latent areas of the brain for creation. This is integral in progressive healing of the whole system. This is why obtaining coherence within oneself is of so important. The most recent workshops I have organized had this approach. We begin with a verbally guided intentional meditation that deeply connects one to their soul self within the sacred heart, followed by contemplative writing. The next step is to take the person through physiological changes with energetic applications on the table, followed by writing, alchemical tools for being in the present moment, movement exercises, releasing and aligning ones energies, then back on the table for another round of facilitation, all while accompanied by appropriate sound, smell, light therapies, appropriate nutrition along with water vibrating to the frequency of love. To conclude the attendees refined their written observations and I Am statements, along with a special practice of creating a profound present moment experience. The take away is a transformational connection to oneself and the empowered opportunity for revolutionary self-care. Transformation happens when all the senses are interacting in a higher state of consciousness. We live in exciting times amidst the challenges and the more we bring the subconscious/unconscious to consciousness, the more efficiently we evolve individually and can contribute to co creating in the collective consciousness.



The bigger picture always begins within, an alchemical process of vulnerability, courage and transfiguration. We have permission to utilize our free will and allowing others to have their path of free will as well. This is a key aspect but not always easy to creative consciousness. An Integrative and a holistic approach to how we view ourselves is here, in fact it always has been. An integral way of interacting with each other is key to our evolutionary process. We are empowered. We are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is now for our souls awakening to our individual and collective alchemical journey. Consciousness creates reality; collective consciousness creates a new world!

Sarah Rotella


Frequency Specific Microcurrent in the reduction of chronic pain and improving  joint health*

FSM uses a low level current that increases ATP, cellular currency, as much as 500% in tissues and issues of the body and it’s conditions. In chronic pain, this translates into the significant reduction in inflammation, scar tissue formation, numerous pathologies and regeneration of injured tissue. Anyone who has experienced accidents. injuries, athletic strains and life in general can benefit. Joint health relies on increase circulation, scar reduction and detoxification of the surrounding tissue.Todays science  speaks to inflammation being a major contributing factor to joint and chronic pain. FSM can reduce a variety of core sources of inflammation, in including the nerves, subtle energy and meridian systems. Some of the areas FSM targets are, spinal/cervical discs and facets, the cranium and sacrum as well as the spinal dura and cord itself. FSM has the  ability to ease the tightness in the hip, knee and ankle articulations, the neck, shoulder,elbow and wrist pain relationship, as well as general ligament and tendon pain. Treating the initial and ongoing traumas, which are at the core of chronic pain, have been proven equally as important. The mental and emotional states of the person have an intimate relationship in chronic pain. The  hyper-vigilance of the nervous system and brain-body communication can cause  stress, irritability, anxiety and even depression. FSM treats the sensory, motor and emotional relationships in the brain-body communication which resets the limbic system, minimizing the “fight-flight-freeze” response, along with other areas of the brain.The frequencies target the specific tissues and issues  allowing harmonization of the whole being. Integral to success are, nutrition to support the treated tissues through food, supplementation,and topical remedies. Re educating the body through movement, breathing, meditation and individualized  self care strategies are key to maintaining optimal function. The detoxification process of accelerated healing and regeneration would also benefit from Lymphatic drainage therapy, fluid articulation of the bones, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation and releasing fascial patterned constrictions. The possibilities of minimizing and even being pain free are available! Numerous studies and publications can be found @, www.frequencyspecific.com

Sarah Rotella