Frequency Specific Microcurrent

       The paradigm in medicine is changing from chemistry based pharmaceutical medicine to physics based energy medicine. FSM is a new way of treatment using frequencies that were developed in the 1920’s. In clinical settings and in some research the frequencies have been observed to neutralize inflammation, dissolve scar tissue and other pathologies in various tissues to reduce pain and improve health.  FSM combined with nutrition and mobility can offer remarkable results for those who have not found relief. For more information visit

I am an advanced certified practitioner and practicum instructor for FSM for professionals or individuals seeking to become self sufficient in their own self care.

Here is a recent article I wrote for Natural Awakening publication*

Frequency Specific Microcurrent in the reduction of chronic pain and improving  joint health*

FSM uses a low level current that increases ATP, cellular currency, as much as 500% in tissues and issues of the body and it’s conditions. In chronic pain, this translates into the significant reduction in inflammation, scar tissue formation, numerous pathologies and regeneration of injured tissue. Anyone who has experienced accidents. injuries, athletic strains and life in general can benefit. Joint health relies on increase circulation, scar reduction and detoxification of the surrounding tissue.Todays science  speaks to inflammation being a major contributing factor to joint and chronic pain. FSM can reduce a variety of core sources of inflammation, in including the nerves, subtle energy and meridian systems. Some of the areas FSM targets are, spinal/cervical discs and facets, the cranium and sacrum as well as the spinal dura and cord itself. FSM has the  ability to ease the tightness in the hip, knee and ankle articulations, the neck, shoulder,elbow and wrist pain relationship, as well as general ligament and tendon pain. Treating the initial and ongoing traumas, which are at the core of chronic pain, have been proven equally as important. The mental and emotional states of the person have an intimate relationship in chronic pain. The  hyper-vigilance of the nervous system and brain-body communication can cause  stress, irritability, anxiety and even depression. FSM treats the sensory, motor and emotional relationships in the brain-body communication which resets the limbic system, minimizing the “fight-flight-freeze” response, along with other areas of the brain.The frequencies target the specific tissues and issues  allowing harmonization of the whole being. Integral to success are, nutrition to support the treated tissues through food, supplementation,and topical remedies. Re educating the body through movement, breathing, meditation and individualized  self care strategies are key to maintaining optimal function. The detoxification process of accelerated healing and regeneration would also benefit from Lymphatic drainage therapy, fluid articulation of the bones, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation and releasing fascial patterned constrictions. The possibilities of minimizing and even being pain free are available! Numerous studies and publications can be found @,