Here are a few questions to answer via email, @ s(dot), prior to making an appointment;


Functional FSM Intake form

What are your current health concerns?

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • What course of treatments and action plan do you and your health team have in place?


    • Are you accustomed to receiving bodywork, if so, what has been your experience?



     Have you had any surgeries, accidents, injuries, head and or sacrum traumas going back to your birth. Where you C-section, forceps or suctioned?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

     be mindful of significant events/traumas in your life and how they have influenced you. Please state the age and event.


     Do you have diagnosed PTSD?


     Are you taking medication? This is particularly important when it comes to Lymphatic Drainage.


     Do you have any metal implants or pumps of any kind?


     Are you pregnant?


     Are you on a nutritional plan or take supplementation and or herbs?


     what is your activity level or exercise regime?


     what is your sleep pattern?


     what would you like to improve about your body/mind/spirit?


  • Please send your answers at least 24 hours prior to your appt.
  • Please send any questions in a timely manner (48 hrs) prior to your appt. so I can answer you appropriately.
  • I also am open to working with your current team of health care providers to compliment your current therapies.
  •   Sessions are integrated with expertise, advanced training and experienced hands. Self care instructions will be given to enhance your progress.
  • I prefer a 90 minute intitial session to assess and fully address the whole person.
  • Normal investments are 200.00 for 90 min. and 150.00 for 60 min. On site appt. 90 min. only and may include a travel fee.
  • Psych-K sessions available after initial session, by phone, 30 minutes for 80.00.
  • PRE PAY WITH PAYPAL FOR OFFICE VISITS AND ON SITE VISITS REQUIRED* 24 hour cancelation policy,may reschedule within the same week after prepayment.