Sarah Rotella, a licensed massage therapist, medical intuitive and energetic healer, has over 30 years’ experience working in the fields of physical improvement and spiritual enlightenment and holds numerous certifications in advance studies.  She is skilled at helping others improve their lives by tracing their own paths to better health, joy, passion, and soul life.  Sarah strives, “To inspire the sacred essence and spirit of every being to achieve self-awareness, fulfill one’s purpose, and gain passion and love for ourselves and all of humanity.”

Sarah defines herself as “a seeker of authentic ancient wisdom and cutting edge spiritual sciences.”  She continually strives to enhance her own understanding of the diverse science, clinical and spiritual paths available to us.  Not content to live in stasis, Sarah is constantly learning and building upon her core foundation of practical application, soul enlightenment and psychic abilities.  In so doing, she remains an optimal facilitator in assisting others in their improvement pursuits.

“My passion is communion between the science, spiritual and the physical and sharing this with those who seek to empower themselves,” says Sarah.  “I strive to facilitate the expansion of ones own self-awareness and raised consciousness.  I believe in what I do and have experienced a tremendous amount of what I teach.  My knowledge is grounded in theory, but heightened by personal experience and intuition.”

Sarah has trained with top healers and leaders in the fields of science, physical and spiritual improvement, including:

Bio Geometry – Dr Ibrahim Karim, Dr Robert Gilbert

Nassim Haramein- Physicist

Jim Self- Mastering Alchemy soul program

Dr. Michael Cotton- Higher Brain Living program
DR. Joe Dispenza- Progressive and Advanced workshops in Changing your Brain Meditation Techniques
Dr. R. Bruno and Alaya Chickly- Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Therapy-Brain Therapy- Heart Centered Therapy
Dr Carolyn McMakin- Frequency specific Microcurrent
Master  C. H. Ch’en- Feng Shui and Tai Chi
Jin Shin Jyutsu,Master Mary Burmeister- Jin Shin Jyutsu
Laura Norman (Reflexology)
Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.- Medical Aromatherapy
Horst Rechelbacher- Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and integrative therapies
Riskallah Riyad-Belly Dance

Paul Stamets- Cultivating Medicinal Mushrooms and Myco Remediation
She has also studied at many respected locations:

Hsimgado Center for Health and Enlightenment
The Landmark Forum
Institute of Core Energetics
Aveda Institute
Pacific Institute for Aromatherapy
The Original Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy
Sacred Rivers Yoga
Body-Mind Thai Center
Chickly Institute
Upledger Institute
CT Dance Oasis

Resonance Foundation

Fungi Perfecti

Sarah can treat you in or learn more about the following;
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Thai Massage
Massage and Body Work
Frequency Specific Microcurrent (Certified Practitioner)
Brain activation therapies
Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Certified Practitioner)
Brain Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Heart-Centered Therapy
Aromatherapy – Certified Aromatherapist
Meditation-Breathing practices-visualization-therapeutic movement and more*